Friday, 11 April 2014

Alternative Press Fair

Squid of Interactive Monster Unit was at the Alternative Press Fair on May 10th!*

Labelling your stuff is a good idea! Also brown paper rocks!

Zines created by various Squids over various lifetimes.

Nice friendly people checking out zines at the table! (I asked them for permission!)

I labelled my table just in case people were wondering who I was and were too shy to ask. 

I got to table next to Dr. Lisa Busby who was there with her beautiful Editions of You table with quirky music/experimental/ art/ surreal sound projects and incredible handmade/unusual packaging. Among the many things I noticed a zine about food that makes noises, accompanied by sweets/edible things that make noise so you can make your own recordings and a zine with a pattern for how to knit (?) your own speakers from a special kind of wool (regretfully I cannot remember which!), the zine talks about the sheep and the area it's from, and I got so into it I even managed to sell some things to some customers while Lisa went for a walk! I also bought a recording of some quirky fairy tales that I haven't listened to yet and only found recently clearing boxes after moving.

Lisa was really interested in what I was going to eat for lunch and it became a running joke. As a result of this meeting, I gave some Squid & The Kraken CD's to Lisa for Editions of You.

My other neighbour was Bel, who laughed courteously at my ridiculous conversations with Lisa. Bel's drawings are brilliant mostly cute, and thoughtful but also secretly a bit dark! I bought a cat print from her and we did a swap - and i got some really nice stickers! I have one on my laptop of a bear/rabbit character with a bow tie, in a red stripey top, braces, holding an ice cream! (

*Doroth Damage and International Nobody had stuff to do that day!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Queer Fayre - RVT

Had a great time at the Spring Fayre at the RVT. An afternoon guzzling Dorothy Damage's lemon cookies and chocolate cookies, artwork, zines, and fishing for willing participants for mysterious monstery drawing activities.

Wondering what everyone was drawing? - If you cast your eye over here.. you can catch a glimpse.. and as for the cool new monster drawings profiles recently added to our monster book, come to the Alternative Press Fair and check out the book in the flesh...!

Love the looks of concentration and creativity at work! 

This guy (above) preferred to eat shoelaces and have his picture taken. :)

Thanks to everyone for coming along and taking part and see you in a few weeks! X